Why QSO?

When you join QSO you'll be connected with other experienced quilt shop owners, none of whom are your immediate competitors, on several easy-to-navigate discussion forums. This format allows for a level of openness, support, sharing, and encouragement that you're unlikely to find anywhere else. You can log on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you:

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"What I truly appreciate is the openness and tone of the posts. Everyone carries equal weight and is respectful of everyone else's view whether they agree or not." ~ Mona Kloster, Mea Bernina,  Lawrence, Kansas 

"I want to bring new ideas to my customers, and QSO is a great way to find out what owners from across the country find successful in their quilt shops." ~ Georgia Goode, Calico Mermaid, Porterville, California